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We’re an open, global community collectively sourcing, brainstorming, and funding solutions to advance brain health and prevent neurodegeneration.

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Our Mission

We believe in the power of a global community of brains to accelerate advancements in brain health and longevity.

Brain health is fundamental to our health span and longevity. The human brain is the final frontier of our health care. With populations aging in many nations across the world and health interventions extending lifespan, we now face the challenge of our bodies outliving our brains.

Brain health is essential for all people across the globe. Yet we still lack scientific understanding and effective therapeutic solutions. We seek to change the game.

Cerebrum DAO is building the world’s largest, engaged community focused on funding and fostering the development of breakthroughs in solutions and therapeutics for extending our brain health and preventing the onset of neurodegeneration.

Our Bodies Are Outliving Our Brains

6.7 M

of Americans

are living with Alzheimer

4 X

cases by 2050

population with Alzheimer

11 M

of unpaid care providers

for people with the disease

1.2 T

estimated cost

to the economy by 2050

Our Ecosystem

How can CerebrumDAO’s community support your research?

  1. Funding and Project Applications flow into the DAO.
  2. The submitted research projects go then through a due-diligence process followed by a community vote. The projects green-lighted by the community get funded.
  3. The IP generated through funded research is then made productive. This could be through sub-licensing to industrial partners or spinning out into a startup with support from the CerebrumDAO community.
  4. The proceeds are not only returned to the Cerebrum DAO community treasury to fund future research projects but are also returned to the researchers as reward compensation for their innovation in the form of royalty payments or equity returns.

How the
Funding Process

Cerebrum DAO primarily funds translational research in the fields of brain health and neurodegenerative disease. We are seeking moonshots and novel approaches to extending overall healthy brain span and preventing or reversing the onset of neurodegeneration.


Evaluation of commercialisation & IP potential


Project team presents to CerebrumDAO community


Token holders vote to fund project based on recommendation


Evaluation of project, team, and/or company


Domain expert review by CerebrumDAO Working Group


Business team, executes deal, monitors ongoing progress

The DAO acronym stands for a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”. However, many DAOs are not actually autonomous, nor do they have to be. We think of a DAO as a network organization that coordinates transparently using blockchain ledgers and tokens to work toward a common goal. Successful DAOs can coordinate capital and talent globally and sustainably to achieve a shared mission. The use of blockchain ledger technologies allows the Cerebrum DAO community to govern itself in a fair, transparent, and global way, by providing a tamper-proof, verifiable, and trustless voting mechanism.

As defined in a recent blog post by Molecule AG – A BioDAO refers to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that specializes in harnessing the collective efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders to expedite the development and distribution of biotechnology products and services, spanning from early concept to market. BioDAOs fund and incubate projects during the initial stages of translational research, often through IP-NFTs, even before a company is established. While venture studios, corporate venture arms, and venture philanthropies share similarities, BioDAOs stand out as community-owned and operated entities.

The Cerebrum DAO community aims to be a diverse group of people located around the world, collectively with a passion for brain health and ending neurodegeneration. We seek to attract people with backgrounds in neuroscience, neurodegeneration research, biotechnology, bioinformatics, company building, legal, fund raising, Web3 community building, Web3 token development, design, marketing, and software development to help grow our community and grow the value of Cerebrum DAO.

Several ways exist to join and begin contributing to Cerebrum DAO. Follow us on Twitter. Join our Discord community server. Participate in discussions for funding projects on our discussion portal. Within the Discord community and discussion portal, you can contribute to Cerebrum DAO and become eligible for compensation for value added. If you would like to provide funding to the DAO and receive governance tokens to vote on which opportunities Cerebrum DAO funds, please sign up on our waitlist.

We are interested in funding commercializable intellectual property and early stage ventures that are pursuing proactive brain health and care, primary care and secondary prevention of neurodegeneration, and therapeutic development. Our goal is to fund translational research through IP-NFTs and equity investments in early stage digital health and biotech ventures. Areas of interest include digital proactive care and primary prevention, digital secondary prevention, digital diagnostics and therapeutics, and prophylactics and therapeutics. Our interest in prophylactics and therapeutics spans viral infection and vaccine development, microbiome and gut-brain axis, blood brain barrier preservation, natural products and combination therapies, and small molecule development, including across beta-amyloid and tau pathologies.

If you have an interesting research proposal or early stage digital health or biotech venture in the field of brain health, you can submit an application for funding here. Moreover, you can join our community here at any time and begin to build relationships with our global network of people with passion and talent broadly across the field of brain health.

Yes, Cerebrum DAO plans to offer a governance token to the public. Token purchases will provide funding to the Cerebrum DAO treasury so that the DAO may fund opportunities in brain health. Token holders will have voting rights over which projects get Cerebrum DAO funding.

Of course! If you would like to donate to Cerebrum DAO’s mission, we accept donations at our Ethereum Network address here:

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